Sberbank’s Development Strategy for 2014–2018

The main areas of the Strategy were approved by the Supervisory Board in November of 2013. They are still relevant and determine the prospects for Sberbank’s development vector:

  • With the client for a lifetime: We will build very deep relationships of trust with our clients and will become a useful, sometimes unnoticeable, and yet integral part of their lives. Our goal is to surpass the expectations of our clients.
  • Team and culture: We strive to make Sberbank employees and Sberbank’s corporate culture one of the main sources of our competitive advantage.
  • Technological breakthrough: We will complete technological modernization of Sberbank and will learn how to integrate all of the most advanced technologies and innovations into our business.
  • Financial performance: We will improve the financial returns of our business through more efficient cost control and risk-return ratio.
  • Mature organization: We will form organizational and management skills and will create processes corresponding to the scale of Sberbank Group and our level of ambitions.

Fundamental trends fixed in the Strategy have not changed dramatically, although their evolution and accelerating development force us to go beyond the scope of tasks determined in the Strategy.

The Strategy is being successfully implemented, and obvious success—evident to all stakeholders—has been achieved in each area

With the client for life

Clients Partners

  • In 2016, a new service was launched, or an existing one was dramatically improved almost twice per month (examples: “DomClick”, “Spasibo. Journeys”, “Active Age”, “Evotor”, etc.)
  • Growth of satisfaction with service in almost all segments

Team and culture

Clients Employees Partners

  • HR-transformation for support of implementation of the bank’s strategy with a focus on recruitment quality, career development, and HR-analytics was started
  • New model of competencies was developed
  • Implementation of the corporate culture development project continued
  • System-related training on the topic “Corporate Culture and Emotional Intelligence/Empathy” was arranged

Technological breakthrough

Clients The state

  • “Cashless town” in Zelenodolsk, Republic of Tatarstan
  • SMART-loans for small business clients per day
  • 47.4 mln unique active users of remote channels
  • Share of noncash transactions exceeded cash transactions in retail for the first time ever

Financial performance

Shareholders Employees The state

  • Record-breaking profits and return on equity are significantly higher than comparable banks
  • The credit risk level of the bank is significantly better than in the Russian banking sector
  • Growth of income is higher than growth of expenses

Mature organization

Shareholders Clients Employees The state The society

  • The first phase of switch to the agile retail business was completed
  • The Intelligent Control System (ICS) in the retail business that EFMA recognized to be the innovation of 2016 was implemented