Training and Development

Sberbank pays close attention to consistent training and development of all target groups of personnel. For this purpose, Sberbank holds unique comprehensive training programs in different modern formats, which are developed based on the business trends and requirements and take into account corporate competencies of Sberbank, and also offers the conditions for self-development in the course of work.

Yuliya Chupina
The bank implements a great number of changes, and HR should definitely support them. It is very important for us, while staying large, to become quick!
Yuliya Chupina Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board

In 2016, a new competence model was developed based on the skills of the 21 century, which takes into account Sberbank’s strategic lines of development. The model allows communicating new expectations from the employees and determining the lines of employee development to allow them to meet new challenges. The model includes six competencies:

  • Clientcentricity – deep understanding of clients’ demands and building trust-based long-term relations, proactive formation of market trends and clients’ demands.
  • Resolution of problems and systemic thinking – the ability to resolve problems, to think consistently and critically, and to have a cognitive flexibility.
  • Result management and responsibility – the ability to achieve a result based on design thinking; to create a prototype and to improve it to the competitive product or service.
  • Innovativeness and digital skills – the ability to assume calculated risk, to take part in the development of trends and technologies, to be curious, to encourage various models of thinking, and to strive for continuous improvements.
  • Development of team spirit and cooperation – the ability to interact with coworkers and to build teams, to carry on a dialog, to support coaching and cross-team cooperation, to adhere to the principles of Agile and “Teal” organizations.
  • Self-management – the ability to reflection, empathy, communication skills, energy management, the skill to resolve conflicts.

Implementation of a new competence model is one of the priorities in Sberbank for 2017. It will affect not only training and development but also recruitment and assessment processes as well as other elements of the HR cycle.

Training and development of specialists and managers are synchronous. There are the Corporate University of Sberbank and the Virtual School for managers. Sberbank specialists are able to undergo training and development in the training centers and remotely in the Sberbank automated system as well as at the work places.

Most training programs for managers and specialists are associated with the acquiring of specialized professional knowledge and skills as well as with the development of corporate competencies aimed at solving problems and result management, team development and self-management, clientcentricity and innovativeness.

Among the key programs for managers, which are offered in the Corporate University of Sberbank, we can point out the following:

  • Development of top managers (implemented in cooperation with LBS)
  • Sberbank 500 (implemented in cooperation with INSEAD)
  • Sberbank Mini–MBA

Sberbank promotes the culture of coaching and mentoring. Managers undergo training on the employee development tools, and consistent implementation of coaching is continued. Special attention is paid to succession of managers. At the moment, 80% of managers have their successors. When substituting the positions, a priority is given to internal employees. Following the results of all promotions in 2016, 81% of positions were filled in with internal candidates. Managers are transferred cross-functionally and cross-territorially, which allows growing a pool of managers in the company who are ready to fill in managerial positions. For the purpose of promotion of cross-territorial and cross-functional transfers, the Rotation Rules have been developed and approved. They allow the employees to plan their career and determine the goals of their development and advancement. Sberbank also approved the Rules for Employee Support under Cross-Territorial Relocations.

For the purpose of building a career of the employees, Sberbank promotes the culture of self-development and responsibility for one’s own career. Training workshops dedicated to the formation of development plans and identification of career targets are held to support the employees in their career building. To consider the possibilities for their advancement, each employee may check open jobs of Sberbank in the internal portal and may set the notification system for the jobs they are interested in.