Recruitment and Adaptation

Recruitment is performed in two key segments of positions: mass and nonmass (specialists and managers). Sberbank tries to attract talented persons who may contribute to its development. For mass positions, Sberbank usually employs external candidates. In recruitment of employees for nonmass positions, a priority is given to internal candidates. Rare and unique specialists are recruited from the external market.

Screening and assessment of candidates are performed using different assessment procedures, including skill tests, personal questionnaires, interviews, professional cases, and assessment tools. For mass recruitment, Sberbank starts using such automated tools and automatic search for CV, automatic calling by robot, bot recruiter, video interview.

Managers are chosen using cross-functional interviews, which allows for collegiate and more objective decision making on choosing new team members.

Sberbank offers adaptation programs “Welcome to Sberbank” and training webinars for all new-coming employees. New-comers are also supported by a coworker instructor who will help merge with the team.

Sberbank pays much attention to recruitment and development of the youth. Every year, over 12 thousand students take internships in Sbernank annually in Sberbank. Sberbank takes an active part in training of a new generation of specialists not only in the field of finance but also in the area of data analysis and IT. We open specialized departments in higher educational institutions and support talented students with scholarships. Sberbank employees give regular lectures and hold master classes in the leading higher educational institutions.