Motivation System

Sberbank has adopted the Assessment System of Employees’ Performance Results and performance management, which take into account efficiency and adherence to Sberbank’s values.

A variable salary portion directly depends on this assessment. Sberbank specialists receive feedback from their managers (especially in the event of differences between self-estimate and final estimate). Managers shall undergo a checkup by personnel commissions once a year for the purpose of identification of areas for development. Sberbank’s top management discusses personal results in the course of performance dialog, usually following the results of each quarter.

The system of compensations and benefits in Sberbank is based on fairness and transparency. The remuneration policy is based on a regular analysis of market supply and demand. Corporate benefits include voluntary health insurance and a Sberbank corporate pension program.

Financial Incentives

Sberbank cares for its employees, among other things, by offering them a competitive salary and providing them with an extended benefits package. For this purpose, Sberbank conducts an annual study of salaries in the competitive companies, based on the results of which Sberbank decides to increase salary in those units where it was found to be below the market level. In 2016, salaries increased by no less than 8%; in some regions they increased up to 12%. Overall staff costs in Sberbank increased by 11% against the previous year.

Benefits Package

Voluntary health insurance (VHI) program

The new VHI Program offers a number of programs for preventing diseases in addition to the main programs for comprehensive medical service. For example, Targeted Screening provides for preventive screening to detect cardiovascular and oncological diseases and assess of the risk of their development. This Program has been developed based on international screening standards and includes tests with a high index of evidence-based recommendations. The Preventative Dentistry option is aimed at prevention and oral hygiene. The Medication Insurance program for the regions (not including Moscow and Saint Petersburg) allows employees to receive compensation of 80% of the cost of expensive drugs used to prevent serious diseases. Sberbank also cares for the families of its employees. In Moscow and Saint Petersburg, a pilot project was launched to allow employees to choose the Family program free of charge with copayment (for spouses and children under 18 years old) on condition of compensation of only 20% of the cost of services received when coming to the outpatient clinic. This initiative provides for comprehensive medical coverage for the employee’s family and increases the effectiveness of Sberbank’s expenses per one insured person.

Sberbank’s VHI Program covers all employees who have completed the probation period successfully.

2013 2014 2015 2016
Number of Program participants, persons 77,000 276,000 271,000 260,046
Program financing, RUB mln 850 2,341 2,594 2,745

In 2016, Sberbank launched a project for creating an IT platform (ecosystem) for managing the health of Sberbank Group employees, which will provide a personal “My health” VHI account ( where each employee will be able to find details on the conditions of their Insurance Program and useful information on a healthy lifestyle.

Corporate Pension Program

Sberbank pays corporate pensions through the Sberbank PPF. The amount of financing for the corporate pension program in 2016 increased by 35.3% to RUB 3.6 bln, and the number of its participants grew to 167,000 people.

2013 2014 2015 2016
Number of Program participants, persons 117,000 136,000 155,000 167,000
Program financing, RUB mln 2,138 2,611 2,660 3,600

Nonfinancial incentives

Sberbank uses a system of corporate awards and various practices for choosing the best employees. In 2016, more than 1,500 employees received governmental and corporate awards, among other things, for their contribution to the development of the corporate culture. As an incentive, the best of them took part in significant corporate events, including as part of the celebration of the 175th anniversary of Sberbank.