Occupational health and safety

For the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of occupational health and safety practices, Sberbank uses a system of indicators of which two have the highest priority: the workplace injury rate and occupational diseases.

Sberbank has adopted a uniform procedure for evaluating the effectiveness of the OHS management system. One of the efficiency indicators is the workplace injury rate.

All accidents at the workplace in Sberbank units are investigated in accordance with the procedure established by law. For the purpose of reducing workplace injuries, Sberbank is developing preventive and corrective actions with due regard to the causes and circumstances of the incidents and has also taken measures to prevent such incidents. As a result of these measures, the workplace injury rate in 2016 decreased by 12% (from 28.03 to 24.66).

Costs for improving labor conditions and decreasing the workplace injury rate at Sberbank amounted to RUB 722 mln (including RUB 292 mln for decreasing the injury rate and RUB 430 mln for improving labor conditions), on the whole remaining at the previous year’s level (RUB 736.5 mln).

Injury severity and frequency ratio of Sberbank for 2013–2016
Ratio Formula 2013 2014 2015 2016
Injury frequency Кf=Т*1000/S 0.94 0.86 0.75 0.68
Injury severity Кs=D/T 39.05 34.37 37.37 36.27

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Sberbank offers various initiatives aimed at encouraging employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. In particular, the bank held promotional campaigns dedicated to healthy meals, express health diagnostics, cardiac system testing, etc., during corporate events. A monthly “Healthy Apps” newsletter was organized to tell about free mobile apps dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Sberbank also started to create a unified knowledge base in the field of healthy lifestyle practices, rules, and standards.

Sberbank Olympics

In February 2016, the 6th Sberbank Winter Olympic Games were held in Sochi. Along with six sports (ice hockey, biathlon, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, and team quest), the event also included meetings and training workshops as well as an Art Fest. Representatives of 14 territorial banks and Sberbank’s headquarters; subsidiary banks from Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, and the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Sberbank Europa, DenizBank, and SberTech CJSC participated in this unique event—about 1,200 people in total.