Maintaining a dialog with employees

Sberbank has an open system of internal corporate communications in which the organization tries to take the opinion of each employee into account.

There are several channels through which employees may submit comments or complaints. The bank has lines for keeping employees informed of corporate culture matters (compliance, internal audit, management style and team atmosphere, labor relations). Each employee may also send a question to HR by e-mail with regard to all issues related to personnel management. A comment or complaint received via any channel is analyzed thoroughly and processed both at the level of the territorial bank and through expert review at headquarters. Furthermore, there is a Client Care Office in Sberbank that reviews employee questions as well as client communications. At the present time, processing of employee comments is being optimized and will be implemented in a special intrabank automated system.

Sberbank’s internal HR communications channel “Fast Facts” addresses such relevant and vital questions as adaptation of new-comers, training, career and development, assessment and remuneration, benefits and privileges, recreation and employee health.

In 2016, 396 complaints were filed and settled, which is almost 30% more than in 2015. During the year, the level of employee satisfaction with processes in the field of labor relations grew by 4.2 p.p. and reached 72%.

“Open Dialog” between Herman Gref and employees

In 2016, Herman Gref held his traditional “Open Dialog” with employees. The live session was held for the 7th time and lasted more than four hours. 2,864 questions were asked during the session, and Herman Gref answered 63 of them in person. A poll held among the employees revealed that 80% of them found “Open Dialog” to be useful for the team, 39% did not receive answers to all the questions they were concerned about, and 55% thought that the live session would have a positive influence on the quality of service for Sberbank clients.

The topics of greatest interest to employees were:
  • The bank for clients (Sberbank services, products for clients and employees, and assessment of Sberbank services by employees)
  • Sberbank’s development strategy
  • Remuneration
  • Sberbank technologies and IT development
  • Career and development

In comparison with the previous year, the interest of employees in high-quality service for clients and scheduled implementation of new services and products increased notably. The remuneration issue went down to 3rd place by the number of questions for the first time out of all the sessions, which shows a general atmosphere of personnel satisfaction with the incentive system existing in the company.