Corporate Volunteering

Sberbank welcomes the participation of its employees in the implementation of various social projects and the growth of volunteering in the company. Sberbank finds it important to develop a conscious attitude toward charity in its employees, to engage them in the implementation of important social projects needed by society, and to turn them into active agents of change in the social environment.

Participation in volunteer projects forms a channel for releasing creative energy and develops empathy, mentoring skills, and cross-functional interaction among employees and a deeper understanding of the team culture within the framework of joint project activity. In 2016, the volunteering movement in Sberbank encompassed over 1,000 different initiatives. Volunteers are most often engaged for major internal corporate events: Open Doors Days, congratulation of veterans, and the Green Marathon event. For example, over 1,000 volunteers took part in the Green Marathon in 2016, and about 500 others underwent voluntary certification to take part in financial literacy programs. In developing its volunteering initiatives, Sberbank tries to go from providing mostly financial aid to aid that opens up opportunities. This primarily concerns the projects associated with the support of orphanages and boarding schools.

Main areas of volunteering initiatives, quantity
Green Marathon

Since 2012, Sberbank has been organizing the national Green Marathon race aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and caring for the environment. Every year, over 90,000 people participate in or visit the festival throughout Russia, including Sberbank employees. Over the five years of its existence, the race established a Russian record as the race is held concurrently in the greatest number of cities in the country and is even unofficially called “the marathon of the cities.” For example, in 2016, 47 cities took part in the event. Marathon runners could also use the services of the Sberbank Health Program: the Effective Heart point offered all guests and participants of the Green Marathon testing of the state of their cardiac system and to learn how their bodies recover after physical loads, and the general state of health could be checked at the express diagnostic point. At all the health points, the participants received recommendations from sports doctors from the Olympic Committee of Russia. Along with the race, social events are held as part of the Green Marathon: cleanup days and assistance to orphanages together with an NCO. A total of 137,200 people have taken part in the marathon over the entire time it has been held, and 42 social events have been held.