Development of an auction infrastructure and interaction with suppliers

Sberbank has a procedure in place for accreditation of suppliers of the highest-demand products. Procurements of complex products or services involve procurement procedures that consist of several stages for screening suppliers.

Along with the standard participant assessment methodology, Sberbank also reviews their experience, qualifications, and financial stability. When procuring goods, works, and services in the headquarters and territorial banks, priority is still given to the use of bidding procedures in electronic form (auctions, requests for quotations). About 80% of procurement procedures is held in electronic form using the official e-trading platform (; procurement information is also published in the Unified Procurement Information System of Russia (

Procurement activity in Sberbank Data from 14 regional head offices was taken into account when calculating the quantitative characteristics of procurement activity in 2016. In 2015, data submitted by the Baikal, Volgo-Vyatsky, West Ural, Southwestern, Northwestern, and Far Eastern regional head offices was not taken into account due to the absence of fully centralized accounting of internal business activity at that time.
2013 2014 2015 2016
Total number of suppliers engaged by the organization 1,323 1,798 39,295 59,653
Total payments to suppliers, RUB mln 66,798 92,582 183,025 216,407
Share of local suppliers in the procurement budget, % 93 95 96 99.5
Share of medium, small, and microbusiness in the procurement budget, % 28 33 39 46

Corruption prevention measures

Procurement and monitoring thereof are performed in specialized procurement centers. Contracts with Sberbank’s counterparties included a standard clause on Guarantees on the Prevention of Corruption in Procurement Activity.

Job descriptions were updated and included the responsibility of the employees for corrupt practices; there are instructions clarifying the procedure for interaction with external counterparties and ethical rules of conduct. Employees engaged in the procurement activity of Sberbank undergo an annual psychophysiological study.