Charity and sponsorship projects

As a socially responsible and systemically important financial institution, Sberbank traditionally puts great emphasis on the development of projects that are of social significance for its regions of presence and for the whole country.

In 2016, Sberbank supported cultural events, financed research and development and educational initiatives, supported child welfare facilities and contributed to the development of the creative skills of children and an inclusive environment, promoted a healthy lifestyle, invested in environmental protection, and provided financial aid to veterans and disabled people.

Stanislav Kuznetsov
We participate actively in charity work. In 2016, the construction workers of the Services section installed 430 playgrounds and sports grounds within a short time, equipped 16 ambulances for the administration of Tambov, built a preschool in Nazran, and implemented other socially significant projects.
Stanislav Kuznetsov Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board
Charity activity costs structure, RUB mln
Area of support 2013 2014 2015 2016 Share in total volume for 2016, %
Sports 371.6 180.3 174.3 499.9 13.3
Healthcare 76.7 174.2 62.9 193.4 5.1
Culture 287.8 263.1 234.7 559.2 14.9
Religious organizations 34.8 39.1 7.7 112.0 3.0
Education 157.9 185.1 214.0 360.9 9.6
Child welfare facilities, development of the creative skills of children and an inclusive environment 228.3 188.2 1,369.8 752.0 20.0
Veterans and disabled people 53.3 76.2 233.9 139.4 3.7
Provision of financial aid 0.3 77.5 108.4 348.1 9.3
Forums and congresses 1.2 0.4 6.1 19.6 0.5
Research and development, environmental protection, and preservation of cultural heritage objects 401.1 387.3 611.7 771.9 20.5
Total 1,612.9 1,571.5 3,023.4 3,756.5 100.0

To make charity support more effective, in 2016, Sberbank adopted uniform principles for such support in all territorial banks.

In 2017, Sberbank will allocate funds within the framework of its charity activity to implement projects which are socially significant for individual regions and for the whole country. Sberbank will continue to cooperate with organizations that are permanent participants of Sberbank’s charity programs as part of the development of corporate social responsibility.

In autumn 2016, Sberbank provided Russians with the opportunity to visit the largest national and regional museums for free and literally made art accessible to everyone as part of the Art of Preservation project, which took place in 28 museums in 27 cities across the country. Thanks to Sberbank, over 300,000 people were able to connect with beauty, and even in the largest museums of the country attendance was several times greater than usual: for example, the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg set historical records.

“A gift not for ourselves but for everyone”, that is the project’s ideology, which made it possible to bring its inclusive component to life: the opening of the first exhibit of pictures for the blind and visually impaired in Russia, “Seeing the Invisible.” For this ambitious project, implemented in collaboration with the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, a Spanish publishing office made six tactile pictures using an embossed printing technique. Each of the pictures was accompanied by a special audio guide read by national artist of Russia Yevgeny Mironov. The exhibition sparked such a massive public response that a tour around Russia is scheduled for 2017.

Support for culture

For the purpose of supporting national culture and art and preserving and developing our artistic heritage, Sberbank continued to collaborate with various cultural establishments. Sberbank traditionally supports the leading Russian theaters. For example, Sberbank has been a general partner of the “Golden Mask” national theatrical festival for the last 15 years, and since 2011 it has also been a general partner of offsite creative events held by the Obraztsov Puppet Theater, where the actors of the famous theater go on a tour around Russian cities for the children in orphanages.

Sberbank also supports the Andrey Tarkovsky “Mirror” International Cinema Festival and the International Summer Theater School of the Union of Theater Workers of Russia. In 2016, Sberbank provided its first support to the Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum and the “Circle of Light” festival in Moscow.

Sberbank also allocated funds for preparing and releasing new performances and concert programs, producing films, holding music festivals and competitinos, organizing tours, purchasing musical instruments, restoring cultural heritage objects, enhancing material and technical facilities, and purchasing theatrical equipment for cultural establishments.

In 2016, as part of the celebration of the 175th anniversary of Sberbank and the promotion of Russian culture in Europe, Sberbank Europe supported concerts of the Mariinsky Orchestra conducted by Valery Gergiyev, which were held in Vienna and Prague. The key partners and clients of Sberbank in Europe were invited to the concerts.

Research and Development

Sberbank took part in preparing practical proposals and recommendations for the elaboration of a Development Strategy for the country and the formation of general principles for the transformation of state administration. The projects included research activities and social and educational campaigns and determined methods and tools for creating the necessary conditions for sustainable economic growth in Russia.

Support for education

Sberbank believes it is important to develop and improve the Russian educational system. The company took part in organizing academic conferences and skills competitions, replenishing the endowments of the leading educational institutions of the country and supporting the scientific potential of youth and the elaboration of advanced educational programs.

Support of child welfare facilities, development of the creative skills of children and an inclusive environment

Sberbank provided substantial aid to child welfare facilities. Work was performed to improve the material and technical facilities of schools, orphanages, and boarding schools. Training programs were developed for general education institutions to develop the creative skills of students and create an inclusive environment for children with special needs and children without parental care. Activities were organized for the rehabilitation of orphaned children and the development of the creativity of children and youth.

The “Kind New Year Gift” campaign

An annual campaign of Sberbank’s “Contribution to the Future” Charitable Foundation to increase the availability of development classes for children with special needs and children without parental care in the regions of the country. Such classes allow them to acquire new skills, knowledge, and experience they need for a full life. The Foundation supports projects and programs of noncommercial organizations for the socialization, adaptation, and professional orientation of such children and for creating new opportunities for them to become independent society members, to find their vocation, and to be happy:

Contribution to the Future Foundation
  • Sberbank’s Contribution to the Future Charitable Foundation was founded in 2015. The mission of the foundation is to make strategic social investments in the development of the system of Russian general education with due regard to the challenges of the 21st century and an inclusive environment providing members of society with equal opportunities for self-fulfillment and a full life regardless of any peculiarities of development and health.
  • The activity of the Foundation is focused on two key areas: modern education and the development of an inclusive environment.
  • In the field of education, the Foundation strives to change the educational paradigm with consideration for the objectives of the development of skills and competencies relevant for the rapidly changing world of the 21st century. The Foundation’s programs provide for: analysis of global trends and preparation of recommendations on the key competencies of the new era and formats for their development; elaboration and approval for further distribution of new educational programs for mainstream schools, education technologies and formats, and forms of assessment; and support for new leaders of the educational system.
  • In the field of developing an inclusive environment, the Foundation tries to create the necessary conditions for socialization, career guidance, and further employment of orphans and children with special needs with an emphasis on limited mental development. Tools will include development of infrastructure and distribution of the best solutions and practices as well as involvement of interested participants (including Sberbank employees, partners, and clients) in the programs and projects of the Foundation in this area.
Current projects of 2016–2017
Modern Education:
  • Supporting the Teacher for Russia Program (New Teacher Foundation)
  • Social and emotional intelligence at school (educational programs for the four stages of general education)
  • 4 “Cs” at school: Critical and Creative thinking, Communication, and Cooperation (class assignments and recommendation method) (together with the National Research University Higher School of Economics)
  • The “Skills School of the 21st Century” educational initiatives competition (together with the National Research University Higher School of Economics)
  • Report on New Literacy and Key Competencies in the 21st century (together with the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the world’s leading educational institutes)
  • Supporting a competition of educational innovations
  • Educational programs for working with children with special needs (together with the Way Out Foundation)
  • Publishing the books “Teachers to Teachers” and “Teachers to Parents”.

  • Projects to be started in 2017:
  • A methodical center for new literacy and competencies of the 21st century
  • Soft-skills development modules on sites for additional education (Sirius, Artek, Quantorium, and others)
  • A succession pool of school principals (together with the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives)
  • The Parents program (together with the Sberbank Program for Children and Parents)
  • Financial literacy
  • Learning How to Learn
Inclusive Environment:
  • The “Kind New Year Gift” campaign
  • The book “For Children about Children: Disability As It Is”
  • The promotional event “Observation Wheel: Opening Art for Kids” together with the Art of Being Near Foundation

  • Projects to be started in 2017:
  • An inclusive day at the museum (all-Russian event) with the participation of the Program “Observation Wheel: Opening Art for Kids” of the Art of Being Near Foundation
  • A pilot program for employing young people leaving orphanages at Sberbank (Saint Petersburg and Moscow) together with the Raul Foundation

Support for a healthy lifestyle

While broadcasting healthy lifestyle ideas within the company, Sberbank also gets involved in the development of physical education and mass sports in the country. Sberbank provided charitable support to sports federations and clubs, contributed to strengthening the infrastructure of sports facilities, and took part in the organization and holding of various sports events for vulnerable social groups.

Protection of the environment and cultural heritage

Sberbank sees the preservation of a healthy planet and objects of cultural and historical heritage for future generations as one of the most important and significant aspects of its social activity. That is why this year Sberbank continued to support various activities for environmental protection (improvement of the environmental situation, protection of wildlife sanctuaries and park lands) and animal protection and allocated considerable funds for the maintenance and restoration of items of culture and art.

Provision of financial aid

Sberbank provided financial aid to individuals and families in difficult straits

Support for veterans and disabled people

Sberbank directed charitable aid to various establishments for veterans and disabled people. The Bank implemented programs for targeted aid delivery, social rehabilitation, and adaptation of veterans and disabled people in society.

Memory of Generations Charitable Foundation

In 2016, the Memory of Generations Foundation provided aid to 1,746 veterans of various combat operations, who received needed rehabilitation equipment, medical devices and drugs, as well as support in prosthesis of lower and upper extremities. 473 veterans live on a permanent basis in 33 state boarding houses in various cities of Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. At the same time, the Foundation launched production in Russia of a new symbol of the country—the Red Carnation badge. The Foundation engaged veterans of combat operations in the partial assembly and packing of the Red Carnation badges. 672,000 badges were sold in federal grocery chains in May and June. Net profit from the promotional event in the amount of RUB 11,201,408.88 was allocated to support the veterans of combat operations attended by the Memory of Generations Foundation.

The Memory of Generations Foundation is a unique federal project established in 2015, on June 22, the day World War II started, at the initiative of Herman Gref, CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank.