Large and medium business

In 2016, Sberbank provided new products and services for large and medium businesses. Thus, existing lenders of the segment were offered Loans in 1 Day for short-term loans up to 1.5 years as well as overdraft. New borrowers who required preliminary rating approval were offered short-term loan options up to 3 years with proactive limits. In 2017, Sberbank plans to continue the implementation of up-to-date products for this business segment.

In 2016, a new service was offered to Sberbank clients specially developed for large and medium business to monitor the following industries: macroeconomics, agricultural complexes, retail trade, construction, and fuel and energy complexes. Such reviews are provided on a quarterly basis for free and are quite popular with clients. It is expected they will eventually be released on a more regular basis.

In June, together with the SME Development Corporation, the Bank launched the 6.5 Program for soft loans to small and medium businesses. During the program, 352 transactions were approved, and RUB 23.2 bln was lent.

In 2016, a pilot project on the sector risk concentration of large and medium businesses was launched: sectoral analysis of the client database and the market, including when only potential, was completed, and dominant sectors were defined by region. The analysis of the situation helped form client and product teams, including client managers, credit inspectors, and transaction product managers. In the future, Sberbank will create a sectoral structure of large and medium business in all head offices.