Appeal for Investors

We are working to increase earnings per share by ensuring the growth of business value for our shareholders and investors

High Corporate Governance Standards Based on Openness and Transparency

rating 8 out of 10 under NCMR (National Corporate Management Rating)
Supervisory Board composition as of 31.12.2016, %
Unique market position and deep client knowledge
Leader of the Russian Banking Sector Using Big Data and client knowledge from social media and mobile operators, the coverage of population segments from young  people to senior citizens
Sberbank’s Market Shares in Russia

Strong brand

The only Russian brand ranked among the top 100 banks in the world and the only Russian banking brand in the world rankings
Brand Finance Global 500

6 by brand value among European banks and 24th among banks in the world for 2016

High indices of client satisfaction and a willingness to recommend the services of Sberbank