Sberbank Technology Platform

Today, the financial services market is being rapidly captured by technology companies that were not initially engaged in financial services. Their global presence gives them a client base incomparably greater than that of any bank as well as technological flexibility and the ability to respond to changing client needs.

Global transformation of our platform and processes is under way. In 2016, we achieved noticeable results: system downtime decreased by 74%, the target system reliability indicator of 99.99% was almost reached, IT and operations deviation management was fully centralized and unified, the first stage of agile transformation was launched, and the framework for key implementations of the platform core in 2017 was prepared. Moreover, in 2016, the Sberbank Digital Ecosystem began to take on more tangible forms: we launched cloud platform for small business; created Sberbank-Telecom, a mobile virtual network operator ; invested in the non-finance businesses Uber and Gett; we are developing promising companies Yandex.Money, Segmento and Plazius.
Lev Khasis First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board

We are currently witnessing the emergence and growth of a “digital” generation: people who are accustomed to modern technology, such as mobile apps and social media, in their everyday lives. Today, clients are not interested in banks as such or the financial services they offer—clients instead need solutions for their specific life objectives.

The Bank thus needs to transform itself accordingly and offer its clients not just banking products but also comprehensive satisfaction of their needs. Interactions with “digital” clients should be based on a platform that can determine their lifestyle, interests, and consumer habits, while preserving a history of relations, their activity in global networks, and sensor data, including movement tracking based on geolocation data. This data helps generate a “portrait” of a client to offer them the most relevant services, even those they never used before or even knew of their existence.

For business operations, the technology platform will be the core of integration, allowing them to build internal businesses out of “bricks” and to connect external businesses as quickly as possible.

Thus, the technology platform of Sberbank will serve as the basis for creating ecosystems any businesses can connect to. This should be an important factor in the further development of Sberbank as a global technology company in the highly competitive environment of today’s world where the traditional boundaries of industries are losing their familiar forms.

The creation and evolution of the technology platform include the phased development of the bank’s business model and appropriate support for its functioning during the transition from a traditional service provider to the ecosystem model.

The Sberbank platform should support the formation of any business