Sberbank Today
Sberbank Group is the largest financial institution in Central and Eastern Europe. The Bank was founded in 1841 and celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2016. The core activity of the Group is providing financial services to retail and corporate clients in all regions of presence. Group’s geography covers 22 countries, including Russian Federation. The number of the Group’s clients has reached 145.6 million.

Sberbank Group in the World

22 countries
145.6 mln clients
325 thousand employees

Clients in Russia

1.8 mln active corporate clients
129.0 mln retail clients, including 83.2 mln active clients
35.4 mln payroll clients
Awards in 2016
“Best Project of the Year”
“The Best Example of Employee Engagement”
Best Russian bank
“Best in Mobile Banking”, “Best Bill Payment & Presentment”, “Best Information Security Initiatives”, “Best SMS/Text Banking”
“The Most Client-Oriented Bank in Russia”
8 “The Best Practice of Corporate Governance”
Key highlights
In 2016, Sberbank Group achieved a record net profit of RUB 541.9 bln. Return on equity increased more than twofold and reached 20.8%.
Net profit,
RUB bln
Return on average equity
(ROE), %
Return on average assets
(ROA), %
Earnings per share,
(EPS) RUB/share
Sustainable Business Model
The integrated clientcentric business model of Sberbank takes into account the interests of all stakeholders. In its activities, the Bank focuses on long-term sustainable development by using the Run-Change-Disrupt approach.
Trimodal Organization
To achieve the highest performance possible, Sberbank operates in three modes
Managment of Partnerships
Ecosystem of Sberbank
In-Memory computing
Open source
Open API for partners
Open API
Deep Machine learning
Network of ATMs and Terminals
Seamless Integration with Partner Systems
Digital Sales Channels
Branch Network
Loyalty Programs
Non-Financial Tools
Financial Services
Deployment of Information Technology
Sberbank aims to make technological innovations a part of its own DNA, learn how to integrate them into existing business processes, and use them as a foundation to launch new business models
Herman Gref, CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board
We have plans to complete the technological modernization initiated several years ago and build world-class IT systems and a top-notch technology infrastructure. We will become market leaders in the use of the latest digital, mobile, and social technology. We also want to be among global leaders for cyber security, analytics, and big data.
Herman Gref CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board
Technological innovation will help make the IT systems, infrastructure, and processes of Sberbank Group:
  • Reliable: by ensuring a high level of reliability and availability for all IT services and by streamlining the architecture, centralizing and upgrading the infrastructure
  • Flexible: by bringing products to the market as rapidly as possible, increasing the scalability of IT systems, streamlining and standardizing the architecture, technologies, and processes
  • Cost-effective: by optimizing the IT costs and total business expenses of Sberbank as much as possible
  • Future-proof: by building a solid technological foundation for the further development of the Bank after the implementation of the new Strategy
Developing Risk Culture
in Sberbank
Risk culture is a part of Sberbank’s corporate culture. These are established standards of employee behavior aimed at identifying and managing risks. Risk culture supplements the formal procedures and mechanisms existing in Sberbank and forms an integral part of the risk management system.
  1. By reporting mistakes, I show care not only for myself, but also for my colleagues, as they are something we can all learn from
  2. I am convinced that constructive criticism makes both my work and the work of my colleagues better
  3. The Bank’s, as well as everyone else’s income, depends on a responsible attitude towards risks
  4. Together we can achieve more
    for everyone
  5. I apply rules so everyone can see my commitment to the interests of the Bank
Appeal for Investors

Strong brand № 6 by brand value among European banks and 24th among banks in the world for 2016

rating 8 out of 10 under NCMR (National Corporate Management Rating)

Successful story of a major bank transformation

Commitment to Strategic Goals

Using Big Data and client knowledge from social media and mobile operators, the coverage of population segments from young people to senior citizens

Leader of the Russian Banking Sector

Brand Finance Global 500 The only Russian brand ranked among the top 100 banks in the world and the only Russian banking brand in the world rankings.

Strong management team

Focus on the development of technologies and innovations

Address of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Address of the CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board

Sergey Ignatiev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Sergey Ignatiev

Dear Shareholders:

Despite the economic problems of the previous two years, Sberbank continued to follow the path of stable development and completed the year 2016 keeping ahead in many aspects of the approved Strategy.

In the situation of continuing uncertainty, Sberbank demonstrated a high level of preparedness for the first signs of economic revival, having earned a record level profit in 2016. Such a result became possible due to a number of factors. The Bank continuously works on the growth of efficiency, creates and develops the best services for its multimillion client base in Russia and abroad, and improves business processes, thus making digital world opportunities more and more reliable and affordable for society.

Herman Gref, CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board
Herman Gref

Dear shareholders, clients, and partners:

We began the previous year in an unstable situation with rather conservative forecasts; however, stabilization of oil prices and the RUB/USD exchange rate helped the Russian economy find its way back to growth again in the fourth quarter of 2016 after two difficult years. As such, the policy of Bank of Russia remained rather rigid, which did not allow for lowering interest rates in the economy to the level sufficient to stimulate the growth of demand for credits. In contrast with above, Sberbank assets in 2016 declined, whereas due to systematic lowering of the funding cost throughout the whole year we improved the forecast several times, and as of the year-end we earned a record level profit for the whole history of Sberbank.

Video of Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of Sberbank
May 26, 2017